A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Weed Eater

When choosing weed eaters, do not look for the fanciest in the store because you do not want to select the best looking but not up to the task of a weed eater. There are many stores and types of weed eaters, and for you to choose the right one, you must get some things right. If you are in the process of buying a weed eater, below is a guide that will help you make the best decision.

Fuel Used

Best commercial weed eatersWeed eaters are powered by either battery, gas or electricity. Electricity powered trimmers have a cord to be connected to the electricity for it to run. They produce more power because they are directly connected to the power and the length of the cable determines the clearance space. Many times the cord is short limiting the clearance area making it unsuitable for large scale weed clearing.

Battery powered trimmers have a battery which stores energy. This means that you must charge the batteries before use. If your field is large, you should get a higher capacity battery. Note that, the larger the battery, the heavier the machines reducing portability. If you do not understand the right balance between the weight and space, you might end up frustrated.

Gas powered trimmers have been ranked the best in the market. They are majorly used for commercial needs. The only downside of gas trimmers is that they are noisy and produces smoke but remain the best for stubborn weeds.


We have touched on a bit of weight in point one above. For commercial needs, you need a light trimmer for easy movement. You will save a lot of time this way as well. You do not want your employees to get tired within the first hour of the job because the machine is too heavy to carry around. As indicated above, gas-powered weed eaters are the lightest and best for large fields. Other than the battery, the weight of the trimmer is determined by all other parts making it. Avoid trimmers with so many parts if you are following lightweight machines.

Shaft Option

shaft optionThe shaft of the weed eater is another thing to look at especially if you want to trim overgrown weeds. The shaft comes in two options, the straight and curved shaft. If you are cutting weeds for an extended period, we encourage you to use the curved shaft because it is more comfortable. On the other hand, straight shafts are precise and more flexible, but they are not as comfortable as the curved ones.…